Treasures in the Snow

Here is a recent drawing I did on commission for a gal that had a specific idea she wanted illustrated. She and her sister exchange these HUGE gift baskets at Christmas every year. Her sister brings her a basket filled with cardinal and cow knick-knacks, tins, and ornaments.

One particular year, her sister was caught out in a snow storm–with three foot high drifts. The truck was stuck in the driveway leading up to the house. When she and her husband were nearly to the door, already having trudged through an almost impenetrable sea of snow, she remembered, ” I left the gift basket in the truck!!” This is the moment my client wanted me to capture. Who do you think won this tug of war? The gal or her husband?

This drawing is titled “Treasures in the Snow,” 11 x 14, pencil on paper.


Commissioned Pencil Sketch#2

Here is another pencil sketch I did for a client at Christmastime: 11×14, pencil on paper. The background in the original photo had a lot of detail that detracted from the subjects, so I decided to mute that and just suggest the forms, allowing the people to become the primary focus, as they ought to be.